A church family where you belong…

Walking into a church for the first time can be a very daunting task.

All the questions run through your mind:
 • What will the people in here be like?
 • Will there be anyone my age?
 • Will I fit in?
 • Will I be made welcome?
 • Where should I sit?
 • Will anyone speak to me?

Thank you so much for visiting our web site and taking the time to browse through it.

In St. Paul’s we are trying to create a family atmosphere where you will feel as if You really do belong here…

We really are a family church of all ages and for all ages. We are a great mix of very ordinary people from such different backgrounds whom God has brought together in the most wonderful way.

Our heart is to love, enjoy and delight God’s heart and to reach out to others with the same loving kindness that He has shown us.

We are passionate about JESUS and we are forever thankful for God’s incredible mercy in sending and sacrificing His one and His only Son to be our Saviour and LORD .

As an overflow of such love and kindness we want to share Jesus with our neighbours and the nations both with our words and with our actions…

We would be delighted if you would like to contact us through the web or visit St. Paul’s on Sunday and meet us personally

We would love you to feel genuinely welcomed and maybe even feel that this is a church family where you really do belong.